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Food Distributions

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Our First Pantry Today's Distribution Center
The best place to store surplus food is in peoples stomachs! Therefore, we have made an effort locally to provide food to individuals without question. To qualify, they just have to be hungry and be able to eat!

Ruby's Pantry is "a hand up, not a hand out." In reality, people feel good helping the organization with a small financial contribution. Participants receive an abundance of food. Often the families will leave with over $100 or more worth of groceries.

Ruby's Pantry holds food distributions in a number of locations primarily across the northern tier of Minnesota and Wisconsin. When attending one of our distributions you are truly a guest and partner in this ministry. A guest because our volunteers are there to serve you with enthusiasm and partner because you are given an "opportunity for dignity" by donating $20 to help cover the operational cost. Ruby's Pantry has no government funding.  It is primarily funded by the contributions of our guests. Approximately 97% of the people who attend our distributions contribute the $20. Please bring cash to help to simplify bookkeeping and two large boxes or laundry baskets. We do not sell food!

When you arrive at a distribution for the first time you will need to register and then sign in. This is a simple registration that requires no documentation. After the first time you will need to simply sign in. The $20 is paid first, then your registration form is handed in/signed in and you will be given a number.

Then you will wait until your number is called and you will go through a line where the food is then placed in your boxes. Although you aren't required to take anything that you do not want we encourage you to take it and share with your family members, neighbors and friends.

There will be help for you to carry out your boxes to your car.

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