Eric & Carrin Siebold

Eric & Carrin Siebold have worked tirelessly from the very start of the Breckenridge MN Distribution in 2010. 

Eric has actually only missed one month and that was because he had open heart surgery.  He goes early to each distribution, taking time off of work to set up the parking lot and meet the truck there.  He also has donated his time and mechanical skills to fix the fork lift and other things.  He has served on the coordinating committee and attend planning meetings.  He also goes on the radio monthly to promote Ruby’s Pantry to the community.  He steps in and does whatever task is needed to get the job done.

Every month Carrin can be found in the kitchen cooking a delicious meal for about 75 volunteers, exemplifying the Ruby’s mission of caring for others and sharing her skills of cooking.  She also works the registration desk, all the while her smile and friendly personality shining through.  Regularly they pick up extra shares for people they know are in need and deliver them to their houses.

They go above and beyond what is needed, working behind the scenes to make sure everything goes smoothly.  Without them the Breckenridge distribution would fail.  Their strength to preform these tasks monthly comes from their love of our Lord Jesus and their desire to serve Him.