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Food Dist. | New Loyalty Card

We are extremely excited about the new Loyalty Card! You will begin to see them at food distributions starting next week. Here is how it will work: Bring your old card in and they will take it and replace it with a new card stamped with the same number of punches you currently have, plus one more for the distribution that day. The good news is that we are allowing you to get a stamp for each visit, not share, to any food distribution location. So if you visit three different Ruby’s Pantry food distribution locations in a month, you will receive a stamp at each location on the same card. If you have multiple cards from multiple locations, you’ll be able to consolidate your stamps onto one card. When your card is full you turn it in and we will have a Bonus Share, DOGO (Donate One Get One), the next month along with your regular share donation. So, the following month you will receive two shares.

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