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Ruby’s Pantry is an established organization that distributes corporate surplus food directly to the families in rural communities. Our distribution eliminates one step in the distribution process which saves both time and money. By eliminating one step in the distribution process we are able to get your donation in the hands of people quickly, sometimes even in the same day depending upon our schedule. You can be assured that your donation is going into the hands of people who need it.

In other distribution methods surplus food can become spoiled if not distributed in a timely fashion. When our donors call us we quickly respond. And when donor companies call us as soon as they know they won’t be selling the product, we are generally able to get the food in a great shape in the hands of families.

Produce is always difficult because of spoilage. With disposal cost being so high it is expensive for our donor companies if they have to dispose of it. If we don’t get it with a three day window of “life” left in the produce we can’t get it out and we face the high costs of disposal. Together we make it work for everyone, donor companies, us and families.

We pick up your donation with semi-trucks and we have sufficient cold storage for any size donation. We can transport any size donation from anywhere in the continental United States.

For us, it is all about feeding people. Remember, the best place to store food is in people’s stomachs!

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