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From Lyn Sahr – Ruby’s Heart Needs Your Help!

August 10, 2018


Friends of Ruby’s!

It seems like only yesterday that we started Ruby’s Pantry and in May, 15 years has elapsed. The years seemed to pass so quickly.

Ruby’s Pantry is expecting to handle about 18,000,000 pounds of food this year, as well as serving 180,000 families. We purchased two 2014 semi tractors and nine 2011 reefer trailers. The 10% given to our distribution sites for benevolence should reach about $340,000. We presently have about 44 employees, over 8,000 regular volunteers and somewhere over 25,000 people who have volunteered at one of our Ruby’s locations. We are averaging over 13,000 hours per month of volunteers. It is totally amazing what God has done and how He has used each of us. We have been blessed! 

Ruby’s Food Shelf in Siren has been moved to the back of the Ruby’s Second Hand facility and it is working well for everyone. The thrift store is having a good summer and we are looking forward to a great fall.

Ruby’s Retreat is busily moving forward with retreats, housing the Medical Center and the Beauty Shop. Next Tuesday the foot clinic will see seven patients to have their toe nails cut, a very important procedure. The dental clinic is still dormant. And in June, a new furnace which was needed since we purchased the building, was installed for $52,000.  Putting in a new furnace was a very large expense for us as the first bids were around the $175,000 price. Over this past winter we received different ideas of how to replace the big old boiler with something efficient using about half the fuel costs. The bid was $52,000 and we raised $20,000 which we paid upon order. They have been working on this furnace as time permits all summer and now it is nearly finished which means we are going to have to pay the additional $32,000 in the next couple of weeks.

It is always very difficult to ask for donations, but it is the only way we can pay for things like this. The $18 that we get from the Pop-Up Pantries covers the basic expenses, but does not cover purchasing other things such as this furnace at Ruby’s Retreat. So I am asking you to consider sending a check or go online at to make your donation. I am asking that some of you who are able to send a large donation, to please do so.  This is a great way to get your tax-deduction for 2018.  If you send $100 each, it will still take 320 donations. If everyone sent in $50, it would take 640 donations. Some can send $1,000 or more, which will certainly help meet the $32,000 that we need now. Your check can be made out to Ruby’s Heart and mailed directly to 5833 Pecan St, North Branch, MN 55056 or go you can go online at to make your donation today.

Thank you for listening to our need, and I look forward to receiving a donation of whatever size you can afford.  

Striving to Live in God’s Glory!

Lyn Sahr

Executive Director and Founder


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