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We Need Your Help – Luck Retreat Center Donations

Greetings from North Branch!

A couple of weeks ago I sent out a letter asking you to donate money to help us purchase the new furnace for our Ministry Center in Luck, WI. I want to thank all of you who sent in donations to help us complete the purchase. Everything is signed and ready to go, but we are still considerably short of money to purchase the furnace. It’s $52,000!

Whenever I write something and ask for money, there is always the stress of wondering what people think when they read the email or the announcement on Facebook or on our website.  Let me explain some thing about the center.

This week our Registered Nurse, Barb, is cutting toe nails in the clinic for all people who have appointments. She is a special gift to so many who come to this 46,000 square foot facility for what use to be a simple act that through the aging process has become more and more difficult.  One of our Doctors and a Nurse will be seeing patients which we do every week. The Doctors and Nurses are such a blessing to people it is hard to describe their importance. We have four providers and the same number of nurses that rotate throughout the month. They have been such a blessing to so many the past couple of years.

Our Beauty Shop has been full since the day we opened it a couple of years ago. Our beautician went through some surgery lately and so it has not been operational for a couple of months. We just ran ads looking for a few beauticians to come in and take care of the challenge with so many. If you are a beautician and want to be a very special blessing to people, we can use you here.

Another piece of good news is that we are hiring a dentist to come in and fill the need until we can build up with volunteer dentists. Your prayers would be appreciated as there is desperate need in Polk and Burnett Counties.

We have faith-based conferences of all types starting in the next month and lasting the rest of the year. God just blesses people through them.

And we have 3 employees at this building in Luck. Dave has been with us for about three years doing maintenance. Shea has been here at least 3 years doing cleaning and Sylvia is a new employee who moved here from Indiana to oversee the coordination of the programs. They are all great!

Oh yes, before I forget – please send us a check to help us pay for the new furnace. The one that is in the building was put in around 60 years ago, is ready to collapse and uses at least twice as much fuel as the new ones. Your immediate response would be deeply appreciated. You can donate by visiting our website at or by mailing a check to Ruby’s Retreat, % Furnace Replacement, 5833 Pecan Street, North Branch, MN  55056.

Thank You and Many Blessings!

Lyn Sahr

Founder & Executive Director

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